The Santa Fun Run 2015

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I’ve been running a lot during 2015 and I decided that I wanted a fun way to celebrate my new exercise routine and raise money for Diabetes UK at the same time. What better way to kick start the run up to Christmas than to enter the Loughborough 5km Santa Fun Run 2015.

My running preparation was a bit haphazard, but this was a fun run so it’s designed for all levels of running and walking.  But even so the reality of actually running it got a little more serious when I picked up the Santa Suit in a Loughborough car park the day before, especially as it was blowing a gale and it felt that it might be difficult to stand up, let alone cross the start line without the assistance of a reindeer or 6.  Only 2 sizes were available – child and adult – so this meant that the suit itself was a little on the large side and a belt would be in order.

Photo of me trying on the Santa beard
Pre race and trying on my Santa beard

The morning of the race however was in stark contrast to the weather the day before.  My plans for long sleeved top under the Santa jacket had to be ditched in favour of a short-sleeved running top.

Santa Fun Run 2015
Dressed as Santa and I’m ready for the race

Walking to the race felt distinctly odd as no one batted an eye. But turning the corner and there were 100’s of Santa’s hanging around, so I fitted in quite nicely.

Image of starting line
On the starting blocks, ready for the off

After a brief warm-up we gathered at the start line and I readied myself with my running app and Spotify.  Amongst the melee, it seemed quite appropriate that I set off to Kaiser Chief’s “I predict a riot”.  We soon started to spread out as we made our way through Queen’s Park and through to Loughborough College and Epinal Way.

It was a circular route, strewn with various Santa accessories – belts, hats and beards. The weather meant that the Santa jacket had to come off until I got nearer the finishing line. And although I had to not wear the beard, I’m glad that I kept the hat on.

Image of race finish
Race finished. Still got the hat and beard

As I approached the finishing line, there was still quite a crowd clapping and cheering us all across the finishing line.  As I crossed, I was handed my medal in recognition of my participation. Looking at my app I was really pleased to see my time at 31:36  It might not have been the winning time of 19 minutes, but I think it wasn’t far off and it has given me a lot of satisfaction and motivation to keep up with my running. So it might not be the last time I take up the Santa suit and a beard – I’m getting quite attached to it!  If your thinking of doing a fun run then I can highly recommend it.  You don’t have to be super fit and there is always a level that suits you.  It’s very social and no one minds if you look an idiot – in fact that bit is obligatory.

Image of me with medal
With my medal while George looks proudly on

10 December 2015