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Below are the success stories of Poise clients.  Each were struggling with aches and pains. As a result of coming to see me and committing to sports massage and remedial massage, however, they have each found the solutions that regular massages can bring.

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Christine’s Story

“I had intermittent pain in my shoulder and left knee – Gail gave me helpful advice, improved flexibility and really relaxing massage.  We also have enjoyable chats!”

Catherine’s Story

My shoulder was very painful with pins and needles in my right hand.  My symptoms are now reduced and Gail gave me advice on better posture and exercises to relieve tension

Michael’s Story

“I had shoulder muscle pains, lower back pains and a stiff neck.  My friend recommended Gail.  I have quite a lot of relief from all symptoms and have been given helpful exercises to perform”.


Louise’s Story

I had lower back and hip ache, along with shoulder strain causing restricted movement and difficulty working. I am now pain free and have better mobility

David’s Story

“Gail offers a friendly, professional, caring service. Everything is explained in simple terms which makes visit to Poise enjoyable and relaxing.  5 Stars

Hilary’s Story

Wonderfully relaxing and therapeutic massage from Gail. She keeps pain at bay and maintains my mobility, without her it would be considerably impaired.  Excellent! I would be in a poor way without her, heartfelt thanks. 5 stars

Amanda’s Story

“I had a permanent ache around my right hip and stiff shoulders. Recently the hip ache had flared across my lower back to a level of real discomfort, reducing my general mobility and freedom of movement.  I had never had a massage before so was not sure what to expect.  As well as talking about my problems, there was also time for hands on treatment. Although I ached afterwards, I was free of pain and had more range of movement.”

Tony’s Story

I had various age-related aches and pains, but both shoulders in particular.  I found Gail’s massage and stretch techniques, coupled with the exercises have really helped… the ‘taping’ very helpful for my shoulder following surgery and foot problems, which speeded my recovery considerably


Caroline’s Story

“I had a serious operation leaving me with a lot of pain in my shoulder.  After 6 sessions with Gail I am now much improved and am able to move freely without pain.  It was helpful to have a trial session.  I knew what to expect and Gail was very kind and gentle and worked at my pace.  The best result is that I am pain free and should I need any more treatment, Gail is only a text away”

David’s Story

“I had longstanding posture problems associated with my wonky spine; exacerbated following muscle spasm in my back that I couldn’t resolve. Being a regular Pilates person, Jane Thomas suggested I contact Gail, giving her a glowing testimonial. The best result for me has been the trust that has built up, so that I can be totally open and honest with Gail about how I feel knowing that she has my best interest at heart; we explore what’s going on together and Gail’s professionalism means that I know Gail works for me! As a result I always feel energised and walk away with a spring in my step! Wonderful!

Catherine’s Story

Catherine Fenn“I had pain in my neck (both sides) and my right shoulder… from historical car accidents and compounded playing tennis. Sometimes I was unable to move my head easily, making day to day movement, driving the car and sleeping difficult.  My shoulder also made playing tennis painful especially when serving. Cost is always a factor … But I enjoy coming to see Gail too much (and the way my body feels afterwards) and I wish I could afford to come more often!! Now I feel like I’ve got parts of my body back again. Giving me the confidence to continue playing tennis; and the impetus to try and strengthen my body so that it may serve me longer! Gail gives great advice and I really appreciate the holistic approach; it fits with my way of thinking”.

Grahame’s Story

I have extensive and longstanding osteoarthritis that affects my neck and hip. Gail identified the muscle groups to work on and was positive yet realistic.  I was confident she knew exactly what was needed to improve my mobility and well-being. I was reluctant to commit but with an initial 4 sessions, followed by refreshers I can see (and feel) a noticeable difference. Cycling, particularly when I turn my head is tricky.  Gail has made a tremendous difference in the flexibility and mobility of my neck.  I am now pain-free and can turn my head much further making me feel a more confident and safer cyclist.

Dawn’s Story

Dawnth“I have had my share of sports massages and know you are in very good and capable hands with Gail. Not only does she take time to find out what all your aches and pains are, she will establish what the root cause is.  Through her, you will get an insight into your own condition and how to avoid the triggers in the future. Her grasp of human anatomy is truly impressive. She knows how to put you at ease so that you can make the most of our time with her.  I cannot recommend Gail high enough.”

Nathan’s Story

Whilst I do not consider myself to be unfit and regularly attend a gym, my body soon  highlighted, with great effect, my short comings with aches and considerable pain when exercising. I ignored the ‘signs’ and worked through the pain saying ‘no pain, no gain’, but it soon became apparent that this was a problem hindering my fitness/training regime and needed to be addressed. I was initially reluctant to seek professional help because of cost and whether they were answerable to a professional body.  Thankfully all those fears were soon erased.  From the initial consultation with a comprehensive, informative appraisal and interactive appraisal, I can confidently state that the sports massage received has been extremely beneficial to my problems.  Extremely professional  and “did exactly what it said on the tin”.  Thank you Gail.

Carol’s Story

Carol“The soles of my feet had been painful for years when wearing heels, but now I was starting to have ain when walking in flat shoes.  Now the soles of my feet are pain-free.


Glenda’s Story

I was getting repeated spasms or tightness in my back and legs and was recommended to Gail. The twinge in my back has dissipated and if it comes back helps get rid of it quickly.

John’s Story

“I was having restrictions in what I could do, especially with light bending and lifting which caused severe pain and have been doing Pilates. I did have reservations to a more hands-on approach but I was soon put at ease by Gail’s professional approach and attitude. I’m now able to do more work in the garden and use a gym and feel I’m getting back to somewhere normal. I strongly believe that doing Pilates, combined with the focused sports massage work with Gail very much complement each other.”

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