Payment must be made before your appointment starts. Failure to complete payment may result in your plan being suspended or cancelled. Payment for new plans must be made at the final appointment of the existing plan, unless a specific arrangement is made with Poise. Active clients (defined as clients currently on a plan or within 3 months of their plan expiring) will remain on their current price plan. Plan fees may be subject to change, and Poise reserves the right to adjust fees where necessary.  Fee changes will only apply to new or returning clients. Monthly payments will be taken on a specified date every month for a minimum period of 3 months and, thereafter will be taken until you or Poise agree to terminate the payment plan.


An appointment is defined as time allocated for massage. It is your responsibility to book all your appointments for the duration of your plan upon payment of your plan. Appointments are available on a first come-first served basis. You are advised to book all your appointments upon making payment to secure your preferred date and time. Appointments cannot be reserved without a plan in place. Any unused appointments of your plan can only be continued beyond the plan period at the discretion of Poise. (See plan validity period).

Appointment Attendance

To get the most benefit from your plan, you are strongly advised to attend all your appointments. Non-attendance may have an impact on your recovery from injury and improvement.  Your plan has a specific duration and number of appointments. These are designed to give you the best results possible to achieve your goals. You are required to be on time for your appointment. Lateness may result in a shorter appointment time and may affect any no-risk guarantee.

Cancellations and Re-scheduling your Appointment

Appointments can be cancelled up to 24 hours before your appointment and can be rescheduled within the plan duration (see plan validity period). Cancellations within 24 hours of your appointment will be subject to a 100% cancellation fee and will be viewed as an appointment being taken from your plan.

If an appointment is cancelled or deferred at short notice because my client has COVID-19 or has symptoms of COVID-19, any standard cancellation fees will be waived.  The client will be asked to kindly confirm in writing that their appointment has been cancelled or deferred because they have COVID-19 or symptoms of COVID-19.

Poise No-Risk Guarantee

Poise operates a no-risk guarantee for the initial package purchased at your free taster. If you feel your plan will not bring you the benefits you wanted, you must notify us at your first appointment or before your second appointment and we will refund your plan in full. No questions asked. The no-risk guarantee becomes void before the start of your second appointment.

Plan Validity Periods

‘Me’ Monthly: 1 appointment only

Standard ‘Me’:  6 weeks for initial plan.  3 months for maintenance plan

Flexible ‘Me’:  6 months

Ultimate ‘Me’:  12 months

The validity period of your massage plan is laid out above. Your plan will expire at your final plan appointment (including any missed appointments that fall within the cancellation period). Your appointments will be spaced out accordingly to allow time for any rehabilitation plans and recovery.

Rehabilitation Plans

Where appropriate, you will receive a rehabilitation plan tailored to your recovery. Poise uses ‘Rehab My Patient’ to create tailored rehab plans that comply with GDPR regulations to offer you detailed instructions, videos and rehab diaries to make them easy to follow.

Appointment After care

Poise welcomes any contact post your appointment to discuss any concerns you may have. Recovery from injury is a joint endeavor between you and poise. You are responsible for your health. Poise will not be responsible for any delayed improvement or re-injury if you choose to dismiss any advice given or failure to participate in your rehabilitation.

External Healthcare Practitioners

If you are already receiving the services of another healthcare professional (i.e. GP, consultant, physio, osteopath or chiropractor) or health-related therapist, Poise will work with them and you to help you achieve your healthcare goals. Poise may also refer you to other healthcare professionals where it is felt this is in your best interest. Where such referral is recommended to an external practitioner, the fees for their services will be settled between you and the external therapist.

Confidential information.

Poise is compliant with GDPR requirements. Please refer to the Poise Privacy Policy, which will be given to you separately for details.  The record of your appointments and care with Poise will only be shared with third party medical, health or complementary professionals will only be shared with your explicit permission. Where reports are requested by you for an external agency, a fee of £60 will be charged to that agency.  It is your responsibility to ensure that payment will be made by the external agency.


Date: 22 June 2020