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Pepperfit ProductsWhen I was looking for the right massage oils to use for my clients, I was very clear about what I wanted. Using any old oil was definitely not an option. I wanted a quality product that reflected my approach to sport and remedial massage and met client expectations. I often find that clients comment on how the oils feel and smell wonderful.


Some of the reasons I like the Pepperfit range are:

  • The ingredients are natural, using blend of essential oils that are suitable for people with a nut allergy. There are no harmful chemicals or parabens.
  • There are a range of oils to suit the diverse needs of my clients. They can be used before and after sports/activities, to help recover from soft tissue injury or just for relaxation.
  • The oils can be used in combination and their wonderful smells have a very positive and beneficial effect on all my clients.
  • Pepperfit has a range of products that can used in between their therapy sessions. The range includes body washes, lotions, bath and shower oils, multi-balms and instants that can be carried anywhere with you.
  • Pepperfit, as a company, follow many of my own principles regarding using pure ingredients (especially concerning the use of parabens) and looking after the environment. The ingredients they use are ethically sourced. Packaging is kept to a minimum and is widely recyclable and biodegradable.

The Pepperfit range includes:

Rescue: This is a blend of therapeutic essential oils combined with Arnica to ease muscular aches and pains. It combines well with the other oils for deep tissue techniques.

Relax: This is for use after sport, physical activity, after a day at work or just to help relieve life’s stress and strains. The key ingredient of vetivert and lavender make it a very popular oil for many of my clients.

Boost: This is for use before, during or after sport, physical activity or a busy day at work. The key ingredients of lemongrass make it a popular choice for many of my clients because of the energising effect it can have.

Zest: This for use before during and after sport, physical activity or a busy day at work. It has a rich, invigorating citrus smell that is refreshing.

Pepperfit Stockist

I am a Pepperfit stockist so many clients want to take home their favourite oils to use in between their massage sessions. Contact me if you are interested in this range of oils.